An oriental guru saw a scorpion drowing in a well. He decided to put him out of the water but when he grab him, the scorpion stung him.The guru reacting to the pain, threw him back in the water, where he drowned again. The guru tried again to get him out, and the scorpion stung him again.Someone passing by came near him and said: “Excuse me, but your such a stubborn person. Don’t you understand that each time you’ll try to get him out, the scorpion will hurt you?”The guru answered: “The nature of a scorpion is to sting, and that won’t change my nature, to help.”Then, helped with a leaf, he took the scorpion out of the water and saved him
Never change your nature if someone hurts you, just take caution.
Some people pursuit happiness, others create happiness.
Im a creator.